Building packages

Building packages

Example build flow:

export LDFLAGS="-s"
export C_INCLUDE_PATH=/include:/usr/include

tar xvf myfancysoftware-1.0.tar.gz && cd myfancysoftware-1.0
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-static
make DESTDIR=/home/user/staging-myfancysoftware

cd /home/user/staging-myfancysoftware
tar czvf myfancysoftware-1.0.tgz usr/

If configure complains about /lib/cpp failing sanity check, try this:

fbpkg install ucpp
ln -sf /usr/bin/ucpp /lib/cpp
export CPPFLAGS="-I/include -I/usr/include"

and recompile.


Use pkgconf as a drop-in replacement instead, install via fbpkg

ln -sf /usr/bin/pkgconf /usr/bin/pkg-config


For non-native compilations (using the musl toolchain) set –host=i486-musl-linux and enable any static compilation options (such as CFLAGS=“static”).

As well, for either types of builds setting CFLAGS=“-s” LDFLAGS=“-s” is a good idea to automatically have gcc to strip the libs and binaries.

A mirror of all the packages tars are available here: